What to Expect?

Your animal’s first visit

Prior to your initial appointment, make sure to print off and fill out Dr. Mishka’s New Patient Forms.

A Chiropractic examination usually begins with a posture and gait analysis, which can reveal muscle asymmetries and imbalances, as well as gait abnormalities and compensations. Visual inspection and palpation of the spine and extremities are next, in which the chiropractor is looking for swelling, muscle spasm, skin irritation, heat and other abnormalities. Vertebral alignment and joint motion assessment are then performed, and areas of decreased mobility are noted as subluxations.

The results of these findings will indicate if and where adjustments are to be made. Ice or heat therapy, stretching or massage may be recommended depending on the condition. An exercise program may be prescribed to help the animal return to normal function and minimize the likelihood of further injury.

It is highly recommended that the animal have a short, easy, controlled ~10 minute walk soon after treatment, and refrain from any rough play or strenuous exercise for the rest of the day.

How will my animal react to treatment?

Most animals enjoy being adjusted. Often, animals who have been treated a few times will indicate where they want to be adjusted by moving their bodies under the chiropractor’s hands. Some will sigh as a subluxation is corrected, and it is common for an animal to become increasingly relaxed as the treatment progresses. Animals commonly appear very tired or alternatively, very playful after an adjustment. Occasionally an animal will be slightly stiff the next day. All of these reactions are viewed as positive.

How many chiropractic treatments does my animal need?

An animal’s condition is based on several factors: their age, lifestyle, activity level, the quality of the food they consume, the chronicity and severity of any conditions they may have and many more. Generally, a noticeable difference is observed after one to a few treatments. More chronic conditions may take longer.