Romelda and Smidgin

We have been going to Dr. Mishka for about a year now at All About Dogs. When we first went, it was solely due to Renée’s suggestion that Smidgin may benefit from an adjustment. She had been doing agility classes for a year, but really hadn’t ran particularly fast, and often had a funny little prancing gait as she “ran.” When Smidgin was a img_6341little tiny puppy she jumped (or geronimo’d) off an A-frame in Todoredaca Park – she jumped from the peek and landed on the grass chin-down and tail up with her front paws splayed to the sides. She was stunned, initially, and a little scared but appeared fine as she shook it off and trotted away – she ran right back up the A-frame but was successful in descending the right way the second time. No harm done, I thought. Additionally, Smidgin (a 10lb mini-schnauzer) had a tendency to approach people to say hi, but would then hesitate and back up if people tried to pet her. She would often do the same when it was me trying to pet her. She had always done that, so I didn’t really think it was an issue, and chalked it up to her being timid, and conflicted as to whether she trusted people enough to let them touch her. She also hated puppies that would use their paws to play.

Fast forward a couple years to last year, when Smidgin is four, and we have our first Chiropractic consultation. Dr. Mishka’s workup and history taking was highly professional and thorough. She gasped when I mentioned Smidgin’s high-dive off the A-frame as a puppy. As Renée had suspected, Smidgin’s entire neck and back and hips were all out of alignment and Dr. Mishka did quite the adjustment to little Smidgin. Smidgin was great through it, and the way Dr. Mishka handled her was gentle and kind.

Dr. Mishka listed the plethora of issues little Smidgin had, and what she had adjusted. She also asked me to take mental notes of any differences I noticed for when we saw her the following month for our follow-up appointment.

The Wednesday after our chiropractic appointment, we had agility class. And little Ms. Smidgin was on FIRE! She was running full out, no more prancing and trotting through the course, she was running, and loving it. Such a huge and immediate change. Even Renée said “Smidgin is a different dog, did she have an adjustment on Saturday?” We also had a fun outing at Cherry Beach that week, where Smidgin – completely out of character – went up to a City of Toronto worker who was on lunch and said hello, and put her paws on his knees and requested that he pet her, in fact, he was able to pick her up and sit with her and pet her on his knee. I was dumbfounded. She’s been letting people love her up ever since.

Since that initial chiropractic appointment we do our best to go once a month to keep her in top form and aligned. I continue to see her personality shine as she lets more and more people into her comfort zone. She now has started asking people to say hello and pet her. Often pawing their knees. She loves a good massage now as well. She runs more and is more confident in herself. I believe that she had been in overall discomfort since her Flying Walenda jump from atop the A-frame. I believe she didn’t want people to touch her because she was in “pain” or “discomfort” but she never gave any outward sign – no crying or whining – to indicate that she was in fact in pain. For a couple years we all thought she was just timid and insecure. She, in truth, is neither. She is becoming more confident all the time. She is outgoing and has learned to love agility now that she can run freely without discomfort.

Now, when she begins to prance or has refusals on course, we know it’s time for her to see Dr. Mishka! Smidgin and I highly recommend that you bring your puppy/dog in for a consult with Dr. Mishka. You’ll see some amazing results too!