Kathy and Ruby

Thank You Dr. Mishka.
I must admit that when it was suggested that my horse, Ruby, might benefit from a chiropractic treatment, I was skeptical. However, it became apparent as our dressage lessons progressed that Ruby was having physical difficulties with movement patterns. party 406She was particularly stiff and sore on her right lead. She was therefore fussing and becoming resistant to my aids. My coach very strongly suggested that I have Dr. Mishka do an assessment and, if necessary, an adjustment. Well, what a difference this has made for me and Ruby. Following Dr. Mishka’s adjustments, Ruby is so well balanced and comfortable that she just flows through her dressage movements. I have become a fan!! Ruby is now on a four to five week schedule with Dr. Mishka, and we are both thoroughly enjoying our rides. Thank you Dr. Mishka! You have made a huge improvement to Ruby’s ability to perform and her wellbeing.

– Kathy Campbell and Ruby