Josie and Buddy (maltese poodle x)


I just wanted to thank Dr. Mishka Thomson for extending the life of our 15 year old maltese poodle- Buddy. After sustaining some persistent leg injuries and being completely atrophied on one side of his leg, Buddy was unable to move. He had slipped 2 discs in his back and the animal clinic pumped him up with pain-killers and anti-inflammatories. Had it not been for Dr. Mishka’s careful and consistent professional chiropractic treatment – he would not have had his life extenBuddyded for at least 6 more months. Thank you so much for making our precious dog as comfortable as possible and doing everything possible to help us enjoy more time with Buddy. My husband and family will never forget your compassion, gentleness and professional care. You cared -when everyone else gave up.

– Josie and Buddy (maltese poodle x)