Irmina and Nixon

At the beginning of 2017 my lovely new next-door neighbour moved in. Best part, her roommate: a sweet, grey-muzzled 10 year old black lab named Nixon. Being able to work from home and having an older dog of my own, Nixon became our almost daily guest and a frequent, sprightly walking companion.

Nixon, the quintessential lab with a social and exceptionally playful nature would insist on a high intensity workout every time we went out for a walk. I was always impressed by his boundless energy, however it was very clear that he was far from being in an ideal physical shape. Putting little weight on his right hind leg, his movements generally seemed stiff and cumbersome, especially after a long walk. Everyday activities like getting up even a few flights of stairs, hopping onto a couch or chasing after his favourite ball, were clearly a strain; jumping into a car, not even an option. His hind legs covered in small scabs and scars had a hard time keeping up with his youthful exuberance. It was obvious that advancing age and heavier build finally caught up with him, but only physically. In his mind he’s as playful and goofy as ever. Something had to be done.

Prior to Nixon’s first chiropractic appointment, my 8 year old dog Ollie had a few regular, very well received treatments from Dr. Mishka. Knowing he’d be in great hands, now it was Nixon’s turn! During his first visit the doctor went over his history and condition. Sadly, he may have been quietly dealing with pain and discomfort for several years. I remember hearing, “His back is like a log”. He’s been seeing Dr. Mishka every week for over a month. After his initial appointments and several adjustments he slept and rested considerably more than usual. Although not unexpected, I was somewhat concerned at first, but after two days of rest his energy returned…and THEN SOME! It’s so heartwarming to see him on our daily walks. He’s so happy! His form and balance have clearly improved and he’s much more stable on his hind legs, on which he doesn’t nibble as much. With a big grin on his face, he always leads the way during our outings, insists on fetching a hundred times, has less trouble walking up stairs and walks around with handsome swagger I’ve never seen on him before. His condition is still improving and I continually notice positive changes I was only hoping for. I know we can’t turn back time, but seeing him with a rejuvenated sense of mobility is indescribably gratifying. I’m so thankful for the treatment he receives from Dr. Mishka, I only wish that we knew about her sooner and that more people are aware that this could be a life-changing therapy option for their loving furry companions. With our most sincere appreciation and gratitude (and a few slobbery kisses from Nixon) we want to extend many thanks to Dr. Mishka for her ongoing dedication to improving the lives of Nixon, Ollie and countless other dogs, cats and horses.