Fiona and Sweetpea (Beagle)


My 12yr old beagle, Sweetpea started seeing Dr. Mishka for chiropractic adjustments in 2014 for a muscle strain in her groin. After a few treatments Sweetpea’s gait and comfort level improved significantly. After approximately a month there were no clinical signs of her injury. Sweetpea had always walked up the stairs slowly and it seemed to be labour intensive for her. As I had adopted Sweetpea as a senior, I thought this was just how she took stairs. After seeing Dr. Mishka for a few adjustments for her muscle strain she started and continues to take the stairs with ease. Sweetpea also had some minor incontinence issues. Unexpectedly, this also started to improve after just a few treatments. I was blown away that chiropractic adjustments could have such an impact on Sweetpea in all these weak areas she had. Mishka is always so welcoming and handles Sweetpea with such care and knowledge. Thanks Dr.Mishka for improving my old girls life!

– Fiona and Sweetpea (Beagle)