Chiropractic for Horses (and other large animals)

Depending on a horse’s job, different areas of the body will undergo strain in different ways. For example, school horses may show different symptoms than jumpers. Having said that, all horses who work regularly, especially if the activity is rigorous or of long duration, will experience stress in the spine and possibly other areas of the body. Other common causes for chiropractic problems in your horse are arthritis, injuries, long periods of inactivity (time in the stall or trailer) and poor fitting equipment.


  • Avoiding being tacked up or groomed
  • Reluctance to move forward/poor collection
  • Reluctance to bend
  • Difficult lead transfers
  • Dropping under pressure
  • Refusing jumps
  • General stiffness
  • Asymmetric posture or gait
  • Change in athletic performance and attitude to work
  • Muscle atrophy or shrinking/wasting
  • Poor topline
  • Roached topline
  • Being “off”