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Irmina and Nixon

At the beginning of 2017 my lovely new next-door neighbour moved in. Best part, her roommate: a sweet, grey-muzzled 10 year old black lab named Nixon. Being able to work from home and having an older dog of my own, Nixon became our almost daily guest and a frequent, sprightly walking companion. Nixon, the quintessential lab with a social and …

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Romelda and Smidgin

We have been going to Dr. Mishka for about a year now at All About Dogs. When we first went, it was solely due to Renée’s suggestion that Smidgin may benefit from an adjustment. She had been doing agility classes for a year, but really hadn’t ran particularly fast, and often had a funny little prancing gait as she “ran.” …

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Helen and Séamus

In March of 2014, our four-year-old dog, Séamus, began to hobble with pain after our morning walks, limping so severely he would spend the rest of the day quite motionless. We shortened his walks and kept him on-leash so as to manage both the speed and length of his mobility, to little avail. After performing X-rays, our vet determined that …

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Jenn and Berkeley

Our dog, Berkeley, was referred to Dr. Mishka Thomson after she sprained her iliopsoas muscle. Dr. Mishka took the time to answer all of our questions regarding chiropractic care for dogs. Berkeley immediately felt comfortable with her and within the first two sessions, Berkeley had more energy than she had demonstrated in a year. What we had chalked up to …

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Josie and Buddy (maltese poodle x)

  I just wanted to thank Dr. Mishka Thomson for extending the life of our 15 year old maltese poodle- Buddy. After sustaining some persistent leg injuries and being completely atrophied on one side of his leg, Buddy was unable to move. He had slipped 2 discs in his back and the animal clinic pumped him up with pain-killers and …

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Vanessa Terveld and Woody (Alaskan Malamute)

Woody is a 15 year old Alaskan Malamute. He had back surgery last April. For the first 2 months, he couldn’t walk without assistance. Slowly he recovered to moving on his own but I could tell he was having some pain and discomfort issues. Dr. Mishka was recommended to me. After our second treatment, I was astonished to see a …

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Erin and Honey (9, Lab Sheppard x)

Honey suffered a CCL injury years ago that resulted in arthritis in her back legs. Since receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Mishka, she is so much happier. The soreness in her back legs has improved greatly. We’re very pleased as she’s able to jump up on our bed with ease and go up and down stairs without difficulty. Thanks very …

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Fiona and Sweetpea (Beagle)

My 12yr old beagle, Sweetpea started seeing Dr. Mishka for chiropractic adjustments in 2014 for a muscle strain in her groin. After a few treatments Sweetpea’s gait and comfort level improved significantly. After approximately a month there were no clinical signs of her injury. Sweetpea had always walked up the stairs slowly and it seemed to be labour intensive for …

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